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Test t3311: Machine instructions SETcc

Conditional Boolean byte set
Tested procedures
Source & expected listing t3311.htm.lst
| | EUROASM LIST=ON, DUMP=ON, DUMPWIDTH=24, CPU=X64 | |t3311 PROGRAM FORMAT=BIN, SECTIONALIGN=0, LISTMAP=OFF, LISTGLOBALS=OFF |[Mode16] |[Mode16] SEGMENT WIDTH=16,PURPOSE=CODE |0000:0F90C1 | SETO CL |0003:0F90C5 | SETO CH |0006:0F9005 | SETO [DI] |0009:0F90C0 | SETO AL |000C:0F91C0 | SETNO AL |000F:0F92C0 | SETB AL |0012:0F92C0 | SETC AL |0015:0F92C0 | SETNAE AL |0018:0F93C0 | SETAE AL |001B:0F93C0 | SETNB AL |001E:0F93C0 | SETNC AL |0021:0F94C0 | SETE AL |0024:0F94C0 | SETZ AL |0027:0F95C0 | SETNE AL |002A:0F95C0 | SETNZ AL |002D:0F96C0 | SETBE AL |0030:0F96C0 | SETNA AL |0033:0F97C0 | SETA AL |0036:0F97C0 | SETNBE AL |0039:0F98C0 | SETS AL |003C:0F99C0 | SETNS AL |003F:0F9AC0 | SETP AL |0042:0F9AC0 | SETPE AL |0045:0F9BC0 | SETNP AL |0048:0F9BC0 | SETPO AL |004B:0F9CC0 | SETL AL |004E:0F9CC0 | SETNGE AL |0051:0F9DC0 | SETGE AL |0054:0F9DC0 | SETNL AL |0057:0F9EC0 | SETLE AL |005A:0F9EC0 | SETNG AL |005D:0F9FC0 | SETG AL |0060:0F9FC0 | SETNLE AL |[Mode32] |[Mode32] SEGMENT WIDTH=32,PURPOSE=CODE |00000000:0F90C0 | SETO AL |00000003:0F90C1 | SETO CL |00000006:0F90C5 | SETO CH |00000009:0F9007 | SETO [EDI] |[Mode64] |[Mode64] SEGMENT WIDTH=64,PURPOSE=CODE |00000000:0F90C0 | SETO AL |00000003:0F90C1 | SETO CL |00000006:0F90C5 | SETO CH |00000009:400F90C5 | SETO BPL |0000000D:400F90C6 | SETO SIL |00000011:410F90C1 | SETO R9B |00000015:0F9007 | SETO [RDI] | |ENDPROGRAM t3311
Expected messages t3311.out
I0180 Assembling source file "t3311.htm". I0270 Assembling source "t3311". I0310 Assembling source pass 1. I0330 Assembling source pass 2 - final. I0470 Assembling program "t3311". "t3311.htm"{52} I0510 Assembling program pass 1. "t3311.htm"{52} I0530 Assembling program pass 2 - final. "t3311.htm"{52} I0660 16bit TINY BIN file "t3311.bin" created, size=152. "t3311.htm"{100} I0650 Program "t3311" assembled in 2 passes with errorlevel 0. "t3311.htm"{100} I0750 Source "t3311" (118 lines) assembled in 2 passes with errorlevel 0. I0860 Listing file "t3311.htm.lst" created, size=1999. I0990 EuroAssembler terminated with errorlevel 0.

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