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Current version of EuroAssembler as well as previous published versions are available on this page. See also the chapter Installation in manual.

A copy of the latest version is also available for download under aliased name

If you want to stay informed about new versions, follow @euroasm on Twitter or join RSS forum feed.

Version 20190402
Release date: 2019 Apr 2
TimeStamp: 1554163200
File size: 4285062
File hash MD5: 045E3181C5570F486D5FBB3D406E8880
What's new:
Version 20190319
Release date: 2019 Mar 19
TimeStamp: 1552953600
File size: 4282019
File hash MD5: 9DFFFCD7783F522B484F2882839B00D9
What's new:
Version 20190113
Release date: 2019 Jan 13
TimeStamp: 1547337600
File size: 3998344
File hash MD5: 7AF604B5D036582518949B69578208C3
What's new:
Version 20180928
Release date: 2018 Sep 28
TimeStamp: 1538092800
File size: 3852325
File hash MD5: A44FB332A4C3EE28E716E63FE9BA323F
What's new:
Version 20180901
Release date: 2018 Sep 1
TimeStamp: 1535760000
File size: 3838803
File hash MD5: E56A63A7060DAAD39603558FF960E058
What's new:

New attribute REGTYPE# introduced.
Macro WinABI in macrolibrary winabi.htm was enhanced with passing values in XMM.
Alphabetic Index was completed with automatic %variables and macrolibrary names.
Bugs fixed:

Version 20180804
Release date: 2018 Aug 4
TimeStamp: 1533340800
File size: 3824335
File hash MD5: 11F8DE79D40A997E8131B2B64BB562A9
What's new:

Macrolibraries were restructured to smaller files. A few new tests and sample projects were added. Manual was completed with more examples.
Bugs fixed:

Version 20180508
Release date: 2018 May 8
TimeStamp: 1525737600
File size: 3623738
File hash MD5: 1B696827FEF065E363DB34ACA87B0FBA
What's new: The first public release.

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