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Test t3273: Machine instructions IMUL IMULB IMULW IMULD IMULQ in 64bit mode

Tested procedures
Source & expected listing t3273.htm.lst
| | EUROASM LIST=ON, DUMP=ON, DUMPWIDTH=32, CPU=X64 | |t3273 PROGRAM FORMAT=BIN, LISTMAP=OFF, LISTGLOBALS=OFF |[Mode64] |[Mode64] SEGMENT WIDTH=64,PURPOSE=CODE |00000000:F6E9 | IMUL CL |00000002:40F6EE | IMUL SIL |00000005:66F7E9 | IMUL CX |00000008:6641F7E9 | IMUL R9W |0000000C:F7E9 | IMUL ECX |0000000E:41F7E9 | IMUL R9D |00000011:48F7E9 | IMUL RCX |00000014:49F7E9 | IMUL R9 |00000017:F62D99000000 | IMUL [MemByte] |0000001D:66F72D90000000 | IMUL [MemWord] |00000024:F72D86000000 | IMUL [MemDword] |0000002A:48F72D77000000 | IMUL [MemQword] |00000031:F62E | IMUL [RSI],DATA=BYTE |00000033:F62E | IMULB [RSI] |00000035:66F72E | IMUL [RSI],DATA=WORD |00000038:66F72E | IMULW [RSI] |0000003B:F72E | IMUL [RSI],DATA=DWORD |0000003D:F72E | IMULD [RSI] |0000003F:48F72E | IMUL [RSI],DATA=QWORD |00000042:48F72E | IMULQ [RSI] |00000045:660FAFCA | IMUL CX,DX |00000049:0FAFCA | IMUL ECX,EDX |0000004C:480FAFCA | IMUL RCX,RDX |00000050:660FAF0E | IMUL CX,[RSI] |00000054:0FAF0E | IMUL ECX,[RSI] |00000057:480FAF0E | IMUL RCX,[RSI] |0000005B:4869CA7EFFFFFF | IMUL RCX,RDX,-130 |00000062:4869CA7FFFFFFF | IMUL RCX,RDX,-129 |00000069:486BCA80 | IMUL RCX,RDX,-128 |0000006D:486BCA81 | IMUL RCX,RDX,-127 |00000071:486BCA7E | IMUL RCX,RDX,+126 |00000075:486BCA7F | IMUL RCX,RDX,+127 |00000079:4869CA80000000 | IMUL RCX,RDX,+128 |00000080:4869CA81000000 | IMUL RCX,RDX,+129 |00000087:666B0E03 | IMUL CX,[RSI],3 |0000008B:66690E0300 | IMUL CX,[RSI],3,IMM=WORD |00000090:6B0E03 | IMUL ECX,[RSI],3 |00000093:690E03000000 | IMUL ECX,[RSI],3,IMM=DWORD |00000099:486B0E03 | IMUL RCX,[RSI],3 |0000009D:48690E03000000 | IMUL RCX,[RSI],3,IMM=DWORD |000000A4:0F1F4000 | ALIGN QWORD |000000A8:0000000000000000 |MemQword D Q |000000B0:00000000 |MemDword D D |000000B4:0000 |MemWord D W |000000B6:00 |MemByte D B | | ENDPROGRAM t3273
Expected messages t3273.out
I0180 Assembling source file "t3273.htm". I0270 Assembling source "t3273". I0310 Assembling source pass 1. I0330 Assembling source pass 2 - final. I0470 Assembling program "t3273". "t3273.htm"{61} I0510 Assembling program pass 1. "t3273.htm"{61} I0510 Assembling program pass 2. "t3273.htm"{61} I0510 Assembling program pass 3. "t3273.htm"{61} I0530 Assembling program pass 4 - final. "t3273.htm"{61} I0660 16bit TINY BIN file "t3273.bin" created, size=183. "t3273.htm"{108} I0650 Program "t3273" assembled in 4 passes with errorlevel 0. "t3273.htm"{108} I0750 Source "t3273" (128 lines) assembled in 2 passes with errorlevel 0. I0860 Listing file "t3273.htm.lst" created, size=2504. I0990 EuroAssembler terminated with errorlevel 0.

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