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Case sensitive search for a distinct word: in files on this site.

Searched file types: .asm, .bat, .cmd, .css, .htm, .html, .inc, .ini, .mac, .txt, .xml,

Searched directories: €ASM home,   manual & links,   macro libraries,   source files,   test files,   linkable objects,   binary projects,   projects for DOS,   projects for 32bit Windows,   projects for 64bit Windows,  

The searched expression ought to be at least 3 characters long, shorter search is not supported. The expression may contain any character, including UTF-8 letters, quotes, punctuation, two or more words separated by spaces etc. White spaces at the beginning and end of the searched expression will be stripped off.

When the box Embedded word is checked, search will find the expression even if it is surrounded by other letters or digits, for instance the word zero will be found in expressions zeroing or nonzero. Otherwise only distinct words will be found.

When the box Case ins. is checked, search will find words which differ in character case, for instance the word zero will be found in expressions ROUND=ZERO or JCXZ: CX is Zero.

The script performs unindexed realtime search (grep) on files, which may take a while.