Problems which concern EuroAssembler
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Unread postby fuzzball » 07 Sep 2020 12:25

test.asm wrote: |0000:C3 | ret
|0001:9087C9 | align 4 ;Why "9087C9" instead of "909090"?
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Re: align

Unread postby vitsoft » 08 Oct 2020 19:15

Since version 20180928 EuroAssembler uses HINT_NOP for alignment in code section when CPU level is 686 or X64.
This instruction is not available on older processors, €ASM emits combination of legacy do-nothing-instructions in this case, such as XCHG reg,reg or LEA reg,[reg].
For instance, when we need seven bytes of alignment in 32bit mode, €ASM emits a single instruction 8D842000000000 (disassembled as LEA EAX,[EAX+0*EAX+0]), which is performed faster than having to fetch and execute 90 (NOP) seven times.

For information what code is used as alignment stuff see the table No-operation encoding in the manual.

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