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Version 20190402

Unread postby vitsoft » 02 Apr 2019 20:12

Release date: 2019 Apr 2
TimeStamp: 1554163200
File size: 4285062
File hash MD5: 045E3181C5570F486D5FBB3D406E8880
What's new:
  • Relative proxy jumps in [.idata] section in PE64 format changed to ADDR=ABS.
  • Virtual segment size is now trimmed to the raw emitted size at the start of linker.
  • Size specification in macros Sto* and Lod* in libraries cpuext*.htm were changed but they remain backward compatible.
  • New sample projects for testing of cpuext*.htm and sort*.htm macrolibraries: tmac16.htm, tmac32.htm, tmac64.htm.

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