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Test t8321: User-defined variables

Test will define a few %variables and then it creates a new statement from them.
Source & expected listing t8321.htm.lst
| | EUROASM DUMP=ON, DUMPALL=No, DUMPWIDTH=30, \ | | LIST=ON, LISTVAR=YES | |t8321 PROGRAM FORMAT=BIN, LISTMAP=OFF, LISTGLOBALS=OFF |4C6162656C3A3A |%Field1 %SET Label:: ; This is a label field. |4442 |%Field2 %SET DB ; This is an operation field. |312C322C33 |%Field3 %SET 1,2,3 ; This is an array of operands. |223B2054686973206973206120~~|%Field4 %SET "; This is a comment field." | |;; | |;; Use substring operation to get rid of quotes in %Field4: |[BIN] ::::Section changed. |0000:010203 |%Field1 %Field2 %Field3 %Field4[2..%&-1] | !Label:: DB 1,2,3 ; This is a comment field. | | ENDPROGRAM t8321
Expected messages t8321.out
I0180 Assembling source file "t8321.htm". I0270 Assembling source "t8321". I0310 Assembling source pass 1. I0330 Assembling source pass 2 - final. I0470 Assembling program "t8321". "t8321.htm"{48} I0510 Assembling program pass 1. "t8321.htm"{48} I0510 Assembling program pass 2. "t8321.htm"{48} I0530 Assembling program pass 3 - final. "t8321.htm"{48} I0660 16bit TINY BIN file "t8321.bin" created, size=3. "t8321.htm"{58} I0650 Program "t8321" assembled in 3 passes with errorlevel 0. "t8321.htm"{58} I0750 Source "t8321" (77 lines) assembled in 2 passes with errorlevel 0. I0860 Listing file "t8321.htm.lst" created, size=927. I0990 EuroAssembler terminated with errorlevel 0.

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